Ambassador Program

Collin’s Produce is now looking for ambassadors to help promote our farm. Ambassadors are responsible for gathering together a group of customers that want to receive produce on a weekly or biweekly basis. This group could be friends, family, coworkers, church members, or your neighbors. Collin’s Produce will deliver the produce to the ambassador and they will be responsible for making sure their group receives it. In return, the ambassador will receive credits toward produce depending on how much produce their group orders. Another bonus is it gets delivered right to your door. We live in a fast paced world where saving any time helps. That is why we are trying to meet the needs of our customers by bringing produce right to your door. Save money, save time in the grocery store, and have access to a fresh local source of produce.

People or businesses who are interested in our Ambassador program are encouraged to contact us at 252-235-7791 or email us at

Here’s How It Works

  • One Ambassador is in charge of their group
  • Group has to have a sales total of at least $100 per order period
  • The entire order will be delivered to the Ambassador
  • Ambassadors will be responsible for 5 orders through out the produce season but are encouraged to participate for more
  • Ambassador and their group will choose from an order form sent by Collin’s Produce on what produce they would like to receive that week
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly basis
  • Customers are able to order produce or cut flowers
  • Each customer creates their own produce order

Incentives for Ambassadors

  • $100-$124 in group sales = $15 credit towards produce
  • $125-$149 in group sales = $20 credit towards produce
  • $150-$200+ in group sales = $25 credit towards produce

Our Job

Our job is to send out order forms to your group of customers. Once your group has placed an order we will work on harvesting the produce and individually boxing it up. When a time is scheduled for delivery, the group’s produce will be delivered to you.

Your Job

Your job is to develop a team of possibly friends, family, co-workers, church members, or neighbors that want to receive produce on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Once the produce is delivered to you, it is your responsibility to make sure your group receives it. In return of your group sales the ambassador will receive credits toward our produce and get it delivered for free.