So how does it work?

Choose one of our 2 box options

Choose between "The Centennial Box" or "The Harvest Box".  The Centennial Box is designed for 1-3 people while The Harvest Box is designed for 3-5 people.

Pay at Sign Up

Our Produce Box Program has completed for 2019.  Check back for details on our 2020 program.  If you are interested in receiving a box next season, please send us an email through our "Contact Us" section.

And we will deliver to NC State's Centennial Campus

Every Tuesday from June 25th through August 13th from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm we will be set up at NC State's Centennial Campus to pass out produce boxes to those who have signed up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of produce should I expect in my box each week?

We believe in only selling what we grow, so in your box you will only receive produce grown in Wilson, NC by Collin’s Produce.  All of the produce we grow is listed under the “Produce” section of our website. Each week you will receive a different selection of produce throughout the season. At Collin’s Produce we strive to provide the freshest “in-season” produce possible and that is what makes our produce box special.

Where will I park?

Parking is FREE on Centennial Campus after 5:00 pm.  Where we are located has pull-up parking just a few feet away from where the boxes will be.  You are welcome to park along side the curb and walk to us.  We will even come right to your car and load your box up for you.

Will I be able to pick and choose what goes into my box each week?

Part of the enjoyment comes from the surprise of opening the produce box to see what is inside. Each week will include produce that is in-season on our farm. We select what goes into your box by what is being harvested during its peak harvest period. Early on, some of the produce you can expect is cabbage, squash, sweet corn, kale, and potatoes transitioning into watermelon, cantaloupe, vine-ripe tomatoes, and butterbeans later on in the season.

When is the payment due?

Payment for all 8 weeks is due upon sign up.  There are no hidden costs such as membership or delivery fees.  The price of the box reflects all cost to receive a produce box.

What will my produce be delivered in?

We will use Greencoat produce boxes which are made with 100% recyclable material.

Where will I pick up my produce box?

You can pick up your box on NC State’s Centennial Campus at Venture Courtyard, 930 Main Campus Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606.  There is a map below pinpointing the exact location.

What should I do with my boxes?

Once you have received your box and gotten all the produce out of it, we will gladly recycle the box for you.  Just bring it back to us the next week at pick up.

How long does the NC State Centennial Campus Produce Box last?

You will receive one box per sign up each Tuesday for 8 consecutive weeks.

Are flowers included in the box?

Flowers are not included in the produce box.  However, we will bring plenty of cut flowers, available for purchase, when you pick up your produce box.