Want to have access to our farm for your photography business?

Here's what we have to offer

Sunflower Fields

Two huge fields full of sunflower blooms.  We plant these fields at different times to allow the blooms to last longer, giving you more opportunities for more clients.

Cut Flower Fields

We offer plenty of cut flowers.  We grow gladiolus, tube roses, snapdragons, sunflowers, liatris, zinnias, wildflowers, and more. Come at harvest time to take pictures while picking flowers, walking through our fields, or holding a bouquet.


Not only do we have watermelon patches but plenty of other fields as well like corn, tobacco, and soybeans.  With your access to our farm for photography it includes uses of our watermelons for props.

Flower Cart and Barns

We recently purchased a beautiful white flower cart perfect for pictures.  For an additional fee we will fill the flower cart full of our flowers of your choice.  We also have plenty of rustic barns on our farm perfect for pictures.

Check out the options we offer for you to have access to our farm

Business Use Plans

With these plans your photography business is granted full access to our farm.  Once you have decided which plan you want to go with you can email collinsproducenc@gmail.com and we will give you access to our google calendar to set up your bookings and payment.  We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get the best pictures on our farm possible so we will limit the number of photographers in a given day.  Additional charges will apply to the photographers clients if they want to pick flowers or have our flower cart filled with flowers.  Clients will be able to take these flowers home with them when finished.  Please be aware of tractors and equipment working on our farm during hours of operation.

Business by the Day


Unlimited Access All Day Long

No limit on clients you can have in a day


Flower Cart Rental


This allows you to be able to have access to our flower cart.  We will fill it full of buckets of fresh cut flowers and place it where ever you desire.



Business by the Month

$200.00 (Payment plans available by contacting collinsproducenc@gmail.com)

Unlimited Access All Month Long

No limit on amount of times you can come





For an Additional $25.00 we will feature you all year long on our website saying you are an available photographer on our farm.  On our website we will display your name, picture, contact information, and a link to your social media and website.  We will also feature you one time on our facebook page that has over 1,000 followers.


Photographers We Work With

Casey Whaley Childers




Email (preferred way of contact): caseywchildersphotography@outlook.com

Phone: 252-373-2954

Here is some of Casey's Work