Produce Boxes

Place your order for a fruit box or vegetable box.  Pick up will be available on Thursday at Collin's Produce from 1-5 pm or at Wilson Flowers and Market from 11am-4pm.  Wilson Flowers and Market is located at 4017 Raleigh Rd Pkwy W, Wilson, NC 27896 (right across the road from Joyner's Funeral Home).  Please place your order before noon on Wednesday in order for us to ensure your box for pick up.

Fruit Box $25


2 quarts of Strawberries

1 Pineapple

3 Honeycrisp Apples

4 Nectarines

2 Lemons

and Farmer's Choice of:

Bananas, Red Seedless Grapes, or Blueberries

Collin's Produce

Fruit Box

Vegetable Box $25


3 pieces of Squash

2 pieces of Zucchini

1 Bell Pepper

2 Carrots

2 Yellow Onions

2-3 Tomatoes

3 Sweet Potatoes

1 bundle of Kale

1 Romaine Lettuce Head

and Farmer's Choice of:

1 bag of Red Potatoes, 1 head of Cabbage, 1 package of mushrooms

Collin's Produce

Vegetable Box

Strawberry Flat $25

1 flat of Strawberries (6 quarts)

Collin's Produce

Strawberry Flat