Sweet Corn

Sold by the ear, dozen, or by the bushel bag

For wholesale questions please contact Collin at 252-235-7791.


Honey Select (Collin’s Produce Favorite)- This super sweet corn has been grown on our farm for years becoming one of our most popular.  Our customers love the sweet and tender qualities that come packed in its 8 inch ear.  Honey Select is perfect for freezing or cooking fresh.     


Sugar Pearl (Collin’s Produce Favorite)- This is our favorite white sweet corn.  We introduced this variety to the farm in 2016 but it did not take long to become a customer favorite.  With pearly white kernels and a very sugary taste you can see where it got its name from.  This 8 inch ear is known for its tenderness and sweetness.   

Silver Queen- Most people that have lived in the South have heard of Silver Queen.  This older variety has outlived the others and is still being grown today for its rich flavored taste.  Known for its big 8 inch ears it has become an old time favorite.  


Ambrosia- Can’t decide between yellow or white?  Why not get both?  With this bi-color variety you get the best of both worlds.  This 8 inch ear is jam packed with plump, juicy kernels.