So how does it work?

Choose Your Box

Choose between "Collin's Produce Box" or "The Local Box". The Collin's Produce Box is a produce box with 6-8 types of fruits and vegetables.  The Local Box is everything in the Collin's Produce Box plus 2-3 local products each week to help support local businesses.

Pay at Sign Up

Sign ups have started for our 2021 Produce Box Season! Pay for all 10 weeks or 5 weeks at sign up to receive your produce box this summer. (payment plans available, email

And We Will Deliever to a Pick Up Location

Every Thursday from June 10th through August 12th from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm we will be set up at a "Wilson Flowers and Market" to pass out produce boxes to those who have signed up.  You can also choose to pick up your produce boxes at our farm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Produce should I expect in my box each week?

The majority of produce in your box is grown by us in Wilson, NC. This year we are incorporating produce from other local farmers to be able to provide a bigger variety to those who sign up. Each week you will receive a different selection of produce throughout the season. At Collin’s Produce we strive to provide the freshest “in-season” produce possible and that is what makes our produce box special.

Will I be able to pick and choose what goes into my box each week?

Part of the enjoyment comes from the surprise of opening the produce box to see what is inside. Each week will include produce that is in-season on our farm. We select what goes into your box by what is being harvested during its peak harvest period. Early on, some of the produce you can expect is cabbage, squash, sweet corn, kale, and potatoes transitioning into watermelon, cantaloupe, vine-ripe tomatoes, and butterbeans later on in the season.

When is payment due?

Payment for all 10 weeks is due upon sign up. There are no hidden costs such as membership or delivery fees. The price of the box reflects all cost to receive a produce box.  We also offer payment plans if that works better for your family.

What will my produce be delivered in?

We will use Greencoat produce boxes which are made with 100% recyclable material.

Where will I pick up my produce box at?

You can pick up your box at Wilson Flowers and Market located at 4017 Raleigh Road Pkway W. Wilson, NC 27896.

What should I do with my boxes?

Once you have received your box and gotten all the produce out of it, we will gladly recycle the box for you. Just bring it back to us the next week at pick up.

I travel a lot during the summer what if I am not in town when a box is delivered?

We understand summer is a time when people are out of town frequently.  Since this is the case we give our customers the option to allow a friend to receive their box or we will donate it to a local outreach program.  All you have to do is give us a days notice with the name of the person picking up your produce box or that you would like to have it donated.

Can I pick up my produce box at the farm instead?

Yes.  Produce boxes are available for pick up at the farm as long as we know in advance when you are coming.  Otherwise, we will be at “Wilson Flowers and Market” to pass out boxes to make it more convenient for those who live in Wilson.

What will a produce box look like?